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Video Script 2.0 has been co-created by Sam Bakker and Josh Ratta, who’ve successfully created many hot products such as Geo Target, VidInfusion, Social Post Manager, eVideo Rocket and others.

Let’s have a close look what they actually say about their product…

“We’ve tried to make video script writing simple and fast! Earlier we’d to spend days doing this, and if you’re like us, you’ve probably spent hours or even days just trying to come up with a compelling video script only to find…………

It sounds TERRIBLE!!!!

You’re eager to communicate the right message in the right way and somehow bring your audience into your video in order to captivate them and make your sales………………


……it sound like you’re either trying to create a story that makes your audience feel like they need a strong Expresso, just to stay awake, or you’re the cheesiest sales person on the earth.

Does this sound familiar at all?

Unless you’re a pro copy writer, or have extra bucks to spare on outsourcers, then you’re left high and dry in the middle and create something, and hope it will turn ok…

If you feel like then, then we can tell, You are NOT ALONE! Thousands like you are in the same dilemma.

And that’s why we’ve decided to do something to make life easy for you! We’ve come up with a robust solution that would help ANYONE crate compelling and engaging video scripts within minutes!”

video script 2.0

Video Script 2.0 Review

Everyone knows that most surfers prefer videos to reading to get their information, and videos almost always convert better and also generate higher sales. So what’s the reason for its limited usage? Well, in all honesty, creating a compelling video is not easy. But Sam Bakker and Josh Ratta have successfully revolutionized this process.

So what is Video Script 2.0?

Any person can record a video (sometimes even a high quality one) and load it up online BUT not everyone is an expert in writing a great SCRIPT, or a high converting, professional one at that……………

Not only is this software super easy to use, it will also save you tons of frustration and time giving you step-by-step directions on producing highly-converting script writing and video creation. This software allows you to crate superb sales videos, videos for your websites and videos for your opt-in pages and even clients.

These two guys have not only solved this big problem of getting scripts crated easily…they did it in a easy-to-understand way! They really out did themselves with Video Script 2.0.


• Highly flexible and easy-to-use video script software on the market
• Create beautiful, high-converting and compelling video scripts
• Super use friendly
• Tested and proven video templates
• Saves stress and time
• Create professional scripts within minutes
• Create unlimited video scripts
• Save and edit all your scripts anytime
• Flexible and easy script writing
• Publish your scripts as PDF or Word
• Compatible with MAC, PC, iPads and Mobile devices
• Wide range of professional script layouts
• Choose best template based on your niche
• Helpful tips and notes provided at each step
• Step-by-step script building guide
• Bonus tutorials and video training
• Full time support desk
• 30 day full money back guarantee
• Absolutely no monthly fee

The toughest thing about creating a sales video is creating the compelling script! That’s why latest Video Script 2.0 is so great, it takes hardest part of creating video sales letters and makes the process simple! That means more money in your pocket!
You’ll be really excited to use this product in your business! You’ll see tons of value-especially in the stress, time, and script building aspects of this software.


For Starter Edition of Video Script 2.0 you have to make one time payment of $49. You get everything you need to start creating professional, top-converting online marketing templates, video scripts, 24/7 support and ability to successfully export a Microsoft Word or PDF file. There are no extra charges, no hidden fee!

This software definitely offers you a HUGE value. So buy it before your competitors do! It could be a great help if you want to build your lifestyle business.

Optional Upsells

Option -1: The SILVER license would cost $97

• Create unlimited video scripts
• Four online marketing templates
• 24/7 support
• Save and edit all video scripts anywhere, anytime
• Export to MS Word or PDF
• No hidden fee

Option -2: The PREMIUM license would cost $197

• Create unlimited video scripts
• Get access to multi niche templates
• 24/7 support
• Save all your videos anytime and anywhere
• Export as MS Word or PDF
• No hidden fee

Video Script 2.0 bonus

You get bonus videos and training.

Why You Need Video Script 2.0 in 2016?

A video can easily tell a persuasive tale about your business in mere 60 seconds. But before you actually take into account the computer animation and cutesy illustration, you’ve to pout all you can into creating a killer script. An engaging, well-written script is a solid foundation for an effective explained video. Without the right foundation, all of those creation procedures would go in vain.

How To Use Video Script 2.0 In The Right Way?

So what all you need to do to make a really killer video and not a nap inducer? Well, it begins with appropriate preparation-knowing more about your viewers, your concept and your call-to-action is important. We are also providing you bonus tips to write an improved script.

Keep your script short

Your script depends on your target audience. You just have few seconds to impress them. They will do business with you depending on how compelling your materials are and whether they need your products or services. So keep your script short and to the point to make an instant impact. You should put your information in the initial 30 seconds.

Speak right to the audience

The best way to talk to your target audience is by using individual pronouns such as “your” and “ “you”. Another interesting solution is to engage your audience to tell them things they care seriously about. Once you gain their confidence with your value, they will start believing you and your products or services. Don’t make a sales pitch in the start. First engage your audience, socialize with them and they’re far more likely to convert.


Video marketing has emerged as a hot trend in 2016 and you should try to be a part of it because it can bring you HUGE profits than any other type of online promotion. You won’t have to spend too many marketing dollars to get customers. To support your video, a solid video script is a must for ensuring higher conversion rate and customer engagement. There’s no risk in using Sam Bakker’s Video Script 2.0 as he offers you full 30 days money back guarantee. The amazing pricing offered by him is for a limited time so you should not miss this opportunity!

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